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The health insurance marketplace closes February 15. Explore our options below to help you find the right health plan.

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ACT NOW! Find a plan that fits you with our Choose a Plan tool and enroll by Feb. 15th.

Here are some important dates you need to know

January 1, 2015

Happy new year!
If you enrolled by December 15, your health insurance coverage begins now!

February 15, 2015

This is the last day you can enroll in a health plan without a qualifying life event. If you don’t enroll in a health plan by February 15, you may be subject to the tax penalty.

February 16, 2015

If you have a qualifying life event, such as getting married or having a child, you may be able to get health insurance after the enrollment period has ended, as long as you enroll within 60 days of the event.

Choose a Plan Tool

There are four different levels of exchanges health plans: Bronze, Silver and Gold plans are available in all our markets. Platinum plans have limited availability. All of our Health Insurance plans help keep you healthy with $0 preventive care services.


Because I need...
The lowest premium
Higher out-of-pocket costs
Not much health care


Because I need...
A lower premium
Medium out-of-pocket costs
A little more health care


Because I need...
A higher premium up front
Lower out-of-pocket costs
Monthly health care


Because I need...
The highest premium
Lowest out-of-pocket costs
A lot of health care

Choosing the right plan

Use the sliders below to help you choose the right level of health insurance, and see what gets highlighted above.

Do you think you/your family will have any health needs next year?



None that I know of

How often do you/your family get sick or see a doctor?



It’s been a while

How often do you use prescription medication?


5+ a day

None on a regular basis

What best describes your monthly health care budget needs?

Low Cost

More Protection

I need the lowest monthly cost

Need help understanding the plans?

Ready to begin enrolling?

When you’ve decided what you’re looking for, visit our shopping tool. Share a little about you and your decisions, and we can help you choose the health coverage that’s right for you.

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Everything you need to know

Finding a new health plan doesn’t need to be hard. Our checklists can help you choose what’s right for you. If you’ve already chosen health insurance in 2014, you can keep your coverage or change your plan for 2015. If you’re shopping for insurance for the first time, get started here.

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Find out if you qualify for financial help

You may want to see if you qualify for financial help (a subsidy), which can lower your monthly health insurance premium. If you qualify for a subsidy, you can subtract some of that tax credit from the amount you pay each month. Visit the links below to see if you qualify.

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Add the costs

Think about your 2014 health costs and how much care you may need in 2015. Is it more important for you to have a lower monthly premium and pay more “out-of-pocket” in copays and coinsurance when you get care? Or is it more important for you to pay a little more each month because you may need more care or want to have access to a bigger network of doctors?

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Avoid the tax penalty

The Affordable Care Act is the federal law that requires almost every U.S. citizen to have health insurance or else pay a tax penalty. This tax penalty is administered by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) through the tax return system and could be subtracted from your potential refund.

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